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Begin your dual enrollment education now with Athens Technical College, ATC. ATC provides a broad range of career opportunities through a variety of certificate, diploma, and associate degree programs. Athens Technical College is accredited through the Commission on Colleges (COC) of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), a regional accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Dual Enrollment Brochure

Application Procedure for Dual Enrollment

Steps to Dual Enroll

Eligible Students must apply for and meet the college’s admission criteria for the dual enrollment program. The list below are the required documents and a link to the document needed for admission.

To qualify for dual enrollment funding, the student must complete the Dual Enrollment Funding Application every calendar year the student is enrolled. Each new calendar year starts with Summer. High School counselors MUST approve the funding applications by the 3rd day of each semester. Refer to the College Calendar for dates.

Dual Enrollment Program Eligibility

A student must be enrolled in and attending a participating eligible public or private high school in Georgia, or an eligible participating home study program in Georgia.

Grade Level Eligibility

Length of Eligibility

Course Retake & Withdrawals

All postsecondary coursework must be completed prior to high school graduation or home study completion in order to receive Dual Enrollment credit and funding.

Dual Enrollment Steps to Complete Once Accepted

Dual Enrollment Checklist

Dual Enrollment Award Amounts

Funding Cap Previous Dual Enrollment Program Participants Reaching the Funding Cap
Options for students who reach the Dual Enrollment Funding Cap: Other Options
Students may self-pay for tuition, fees, and books if: Student Responsibility
The postsecondary institution may charge a Dual Enrollment student a fine for lost or damaged books loaned to the student.

Other Available Dual Enrollment Programs

Public High School Students Pursuing Graduation Option B
(Referred to as SB2)

This program is available to Georgia's public high school students who complete certain 9th and 10th grade-level classes, all related end-of-course Milestone assessments, and complete requirements related to postsecondary coursework. These students may be awarded both a high school diploma and a college credential.

Joint Enrollment Program

High school students enrolled in a high school not participating in the Dual Enrollment Program or taking courses not approved for Dual Enrollment funding, may enroll in postsecondary courses while continuing to pursue a high school diploma. Under the Joint Enrollment Program, the postsecondary coursework credit is not accepted as credit towards the student's high school graduation requirements. Joint Enrolled students may qualify for the HOPE Grant Program or may choose to self-pay for tuition, fees, and books.

Georgia Student Finance Commission - GaFutures.org

Other Helpful Information:

Course Transfer Informaton - GAtracs.org

There are 28 general education courses taught by TCSG colleges that are guaranteed to transfer to any of the University System of Georgia’s colleges and universities. TCSG has transfer agreements with many of Georgia’s private colleges as well. Gatracs Course Transfer Information

Meet your Athens Technical College Advisors:

Office of Dual Enrollment:dualenrollment@athenstech.edu

Tracie McGhee, High School Coordinator
Serving Elbert, Morgan, Oconee, Oglethorpe, Social Circle, Taliaferro, Walton, Washington, Wilkes & Home Schools

Tracie McGhee earned a Bachelor's in Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Georgia and has served as the college's High School Coordinator since 2008. Tracie has worked with the technical education system since 1999 working in Economic Development, Admissions, Advisement, Testing, and Dual Enrollment.

Office Location:
Athens Campus
H Building
Room H-730
Phone: 706-425-3060

Michele Petee, Career Academy Coordinator
Serving Clarke, Greene, Hart, & Madison

Michele Petee earned a Bachelor of Science from California State University, at Sacramento and has served as the college’s Career Academy Coordinator since 2017. She has been employed at Athens Technical College since July of 2007 working in the WIOA, Financial Aid, and Dual Enrollment.

Office Location:
Athens Campus
H Building
Room H-732
Phone: 706-355-5045