c. Lying/Tampering—Giving any false information in connection with the performance of any academic work or in connection with any proceeding under this policy. This includes, but is not limited to: 

i. Giving false reasons (in advance or after the fact) for failure to complete academic work. This includes, for example, giving false excuses to an instructor or to any college official for failure to attend an exam or to complete academic work; 

ii. Falsifying the results of any laboratory or experimental work or fabricating any data or information; 

iii. Altering any academic work after it has been submitted for academic credit and requesting academic credit for the altered work, unless such alterations are part of an assignment (such as a request of an instructor to revise the academic work); 

iv. Altering grade, lab, or attendance 

vii. Submitting for academic advancement an item of academic work that has been submitted (even when submitted previously by that student) for credit in another course, unless done pursuant to authorization from the instructor supervising the work or containing fair attribution to the original work.

(Athens Technical College, Student Code of Conduct, p. 88) 

 Quiz Question #13

Value: 1
Tony knew that he would have to miss his test in physics on Friday,
September 18, 2008, because he and his father were flying to the
football game between The University of Georgia and Arizona State. 
Tony told his instructor that his grandmother had died
in Philadelphia.  He said that
he would be back on Monday.


Is this an example of lying/tampering?  


 Quiz Question #14

Value: 1
Phoebe was supposed to perform a survey of her fellow sociology
students.  She remembered the project the night before it was due.
  Phoebe made up a survey and used different types of handwriting
to fill them out.  Then she made up Excel charts of the results and
presented them to her instructor.


Is this an example of lying/tampering?  


 Quiz Question #15

Value: 1
Jose turned in his English paper in the morning.  After his mother
returned home from a business trip that afternoon, she read the
paper and edited it.  Jose e-mailed his instructor that he had made
a mistake that morning; he had sent the rough draft rather than the
final draft.  He asked that the instructor use the newer version of
the paper.


Is this an example of lying/tampering?  


 Quiz Question #16

Value: 1
Bridgette was pressed for time.  Her father had just died in Paris,
and she had to withdraw from her classes to take care of her
mother.  She found all of her instructors to sign the form, except Dr.
Bond.  She signed his name for him and turned the form into the
Registrar's office.


Is this an example of lying/tampering?  


 Quiz Question #17

Value: 1
Kim and Jim got divorced after five years of turmoil.  Before their
final split, Kim had written down all of Jim's user names and
passwords from his e-mail accounts.  To get back at Jim, she
began sending e-mail messages to Jim's female Athens Technical
College instructors, making lewd comments about them.  Jim
professed his innocence, but the messages kept coming.


Is this an example of Kim lying/tampering?  


 Quiz Question #18

Value: 1
Connie was accused of receiving assistance on a take-home test
from an unsuspecting tutor in the Academic Support Center.
  Connie had made a copy of the test without the header at the top
which read "Take-Home Test – You may not receive help on this
test."  When a second student brought in the same take-home test
with the header at the top, the tutor reported the incident to his
supervisor.  Because the Academic Support Center staff and
Connie could not reach an agreement about the consequences of
Connie's actions, a Student Judiciary Committee Hearing was
held.  Before the hearing, Connie asked her friend, Gertrude, to
state that the instructor gave different instructions verbally.  To help
her friend, Gertrude told the committee that the instructor said to
disregard what the take-home test said at the top.  In fact, they
could get help on the work.


Is this an example of lying/tampering?  


 Quiz Question #19

Value: 1
Clare loved science and often entered science fairs during her high
school career.  When she became a student at Athens Technical
College, she was thrilled to find out that her biology instructor
assigned the students a project about clean water.  Clare knew that
her senior project from high school would be perfect for this new
assignment.  The instructor said that Clare could use her prior work
if she put in writing the alterations made for this new project and if
she acknowledged the original project in writing.


Is this an example of lying/tampering?  



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