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Academic Honest Tutorial

Academic Honesty Tutorial

Academic honesty is essential to the individual growth and development of students at Athens Technical College. Upon admission to the college, each student is obligated to uphold the highest ethical standards in academic endeavors. Athens Technical College has a responsibility for ensuring that the grades assigned are indicative of the knowledge and skill level of each student. Acts of academic dishonesty hinder the college's ability to fulfill this responsibility. Faculty have the primary responsibility to ensure that academic honesty is maintained in the courses they teach. Students share the responsibility for maintaining academic honesty by refraining from acts of academic dishonesty and by notifying instructors of observed or known incidents of academic dishonesty committed by others. Students who fail to report incidents of academic dishonesty are subject to being charged with violating this academic honesty policy.

(Athens Technical College, Student Code of Conduct, p. 85)



Athens Technical College's policy on academic honesty is described in the Student Code of Conduct. This policy includes several sections outlining the types of actions that are prohibited, as well as the process by which students can be adjudicated if they are found to have violated the policy. All students are responsible for knowing this information and abiding by it. This web-based tutorial will assist students with understanding the definition of academic honesty and the types of behavior prohibited under the policy. Each of the following pages contains an excerpt from the academic honesty policy which explains the prohibited conduct. For optimal use, use the the Firefox browser for this module.

1. Read the information on each page, and then answer each quiz question on that page. You will only have one opportunity to answer each question, and you will be given immediate feedback as to whether you answered correctly or incorrectly.

2. After you have answered all questions on a page, move on to the next page by clicking the "next page" button on the lower left.

3. After you have completed all sections you will be instructed to enter your FULL name and print your results.

(In order to proceed between pages, click the "next page" button at the lower left.)


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