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UGA Outdoor Recreation

UGA Outdoor Recreation is a program operated by the University of Georgia, which takes students on a variety of excursions designed to provide fun, hands-on instructional opportunities for never-ever beginners and novice participants to learn the skills and safety concerns for a wide variety of outdoor activities in a supervised environment. Activities include things such as backpacking trips, camping trips, first aid courses, nature photography workshops, geocaching lessons, hiking trips, caving excursions, horseback riding, canoeing adventures, sailing classes, scuba lessons, hang gliding excursions, zip line tours, rafting trips, and more.

Through a new partnership, Athens Technical College students are able to participate in many of the programs offered through UGA Outdoor Recreation. This partnership presents exciting options for our students to have outdoor recreation experiences and learn valuable life skills in the process.

Program Offerings - A full list of the currently scheduled programs is available here. As you review this pdf document, note that any programs that are marked with an "X" are unavailable for Athens Technical College students to participate.

Costs - The cost of participation varies based on the particular program. Prices are quoted under the program offerings document. Note that Athens Technical College students pay the in the third tier pricing.

Registration Information - In order to participate, Athens Technical College students must complete the following documents and submit them with payment in the form of a check to the Office of Student Activities. Students are encouraged to register early as space is limited.

  1. Trip Registration & Liability - This is a series of documents created by UGA Outdoor Recreation to cover registration information, waiver of liability, and health history.
After students submit these materials to the Office of Student Activities, the director will process the paperwork with UGA Outdoor Recreation who will confirm participation directly with the students. Any cancellations are subject to the UGA Outdoor Recreation policies and should be handle directly with the UGA Outdoor Recreation office.

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