Athens Technical College Student Advisory Council-
Walton County Campus
Athens Technical College Student Advisory Council (ATSAC) is a group of students enrolled on the ATC Walton County Campus who are elected to represent the entire student body to the administration and other entities. The purpose of ATSAC is to:

  1. provide the student body with a formal vehicle for communication with the administration, faculty, and staff of Athens Technical College's Walton County Campus
  2. provide student representatives with the opportunity to serve in leadership roles
  3. encourage the opportunity for student involvement in institutional and community improvement projects

The functions of ATSAC are:

  1. Facilitation of effective communication between the student body and Athens Technical College administration, faculty, and staff
  2. Participation in approved institutional improvement projects
  3. Assistance with selected ceremonies and activities sponsored by Athens Technical College
  4. Representation of the student body in certain public relations activities and recruitment of new students
  5. Representation of Athens Technical College in selected and approved community projects
  6. Approving expenditures of student activities funds
  7. Approving budget requests from student organizations

ATSAC membership is made up of a slate of officers, elected yearly, as well as two appointed or elected representatives from each academic program of the College. Meetings of the body are held monthly and are open to the entire study body. Voting, however, is a function of the official ATSAC membership.

As outlined above, one of the primary functions of ATSAC is the management of student activities funds, generated by the assessment of the student activities fee each term. Student organizations are eligible for these funds, as outlined in the Student Organization Handbook. Other requests for funding can be made by contacting the Office of Student Activities and completing the "Special ATSAC Funding Request" form and following the procedures outlined within that document.

Contact Information


Marjorie Heimer,Support Services Coordinator

Tracey Townsend,Financial Aid Counselor

Officers (2014)
Recording Secretary:
Cherl Jackson
Rebecca Matthews
Kimeshia Riggins
Pamela Haynes
If you would like to join ATSAC or would like more information on our student organization on the Walton County Campus, please call (706) 552-0909 or email
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