ECESA - Early Childhood Educator's Student Association

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide greater career opportunities for our members and to promote strong leadership skills. The Early Childhood Educators Student Association provides an excellent experience for leadership and teamwork.

Typical Activities

Fundraisers and Events

  1. Raise the Bail - Sept 21
    • Put an ECCE instructor in "jail" for $25.00. Then they have to raise $25.00 to get out of “jail.” You can also put your ECCE classmate in "jail" for $5.00. They have to raise $10.00 to get out.
  2. Pick-a-Pop - Ongoing
    • Pick which lollipop you want. If the tip of the stick is red; you pay 25¢. If the tip is blue; you pay 50¢. If the tip is green; you pay 75¢. If the tip is black; you pay $1.00.
  3. Bingo Party - Oct 10 From 3:00pm - 5:00pm
    • We will play BINGO, watch the GA football game, and play "It's a Bust" (fundraiser where you pick a balloon and possibly win a prize). We will also have bake sale items and other food/drinks for sale.
  4. 31 Days of 31 - The Month of October
    • Do you like Thirty-one products? You can buy a ticket for $10.00. This puts you in a drawing. There will be a drawing every day in October. So you will have 31 chances to win a Thirty-one Product that ranges in cost from $15 - $88.

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