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Employers who do not discriminate in their employment practices or policies on the basis of race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, gender, religion, disability, age, political affiliation or belief, disabled veteran, veteran of the Vietnam Era, or citizenship status (except in those special circumstances permitted or mandated by law) are encouraged to contact the Career Services office to post announcements of their job openings free of charge.

Staffing agencies (third party recruiters) may participate in posting their available positions only in the event there is no charge to students for successful placement. Also, positions should be relevant to the types of job training available at Athens Technical College.

Employers or agencies interested in posting their available positions with us must complete the ATC Job Referral Listing form and send it to the Career Services Coordinator by fax at 706-433-7094, or by email to Once an employer's announcement has been received and reviewed for appropriate content, we will post the position on our website and on our Job Board, as well as send notification to any students expressing interest in that type work. A job listing will remain posted for two months unless an employer requests a different timeframe.

We frequently invite employers to our campus to set up information stations in the Student Center on the Athens Campus or on one of our satellite campuses to conduct recruitment activities for Athens Technical College students. We would be glad to arrange such an opportunity for any interested employer. If the need for employees is very specialized and applicable to only one field of study, we will try to arrange for an employer to meet with the program director for that area to do program-specific recruiting.

No prospective employer or recruiter may post or recruit for any franchise, pyramid scheme, club memberships, distributorship, or sales representative agency arrangement or other business opportunity that requires an up-front or periodic payment, pays commissions only, or requires recruitment of other members, sub-distributors or sub-agents, whether or not such posting is a bona fide offer of employment.

For additional information or answers to any questions you might have, please contact the Career Services Coordinator at 706-355-5006.

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