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The Quality Enhancement Plan

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is an important component in the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC) accreditation process. The QEP is a well-defined plan of action for improving some aspect of student learning and/or the student learning environment. The plan is developed by the institution and includes identifying key issues emerging from institutional data. This plan will demonstrate Athens Technical College's capability and commitment for the initiation, implementation, and completion of the QEP. It will include broad-based involvement of institutional stakeholders in the plan's development and proposed implementation and will identify goals and a plan to assess our success. The QEP is a great opportunity for all members of the Athens Tech community to participate in selecting our plan's topic and contributing to the development of a plan that will positively impact student learning in the coming years.

QEP News for November 2013

Our SACSCOC On-Site Committee visit was a great success. The committee found our plan to be acceptable and provided excellent feedback. We are integrating their feedback into the QEP as we continue to move forward with the First-Year Experience Initiative at ATC. This is wonderful news. Thanks to all who contributed to the creation and development of an excellent plan!!

    Next Steps:
  1. The FSSE 1000 sub-committee meets weekly to finalize the course syllabus.
  2. The FSSE 1000 course will be piloted Spring Semester 2013
  3. The Professional Development sub-committee is piloting the FSSE Instructor Preparation Course with eight faculty and staff. The pilot will be completed in early December. The instructor preparation course will be scaled up spring semester.

QEP News for October 2013

The FSSE 1000 Instructor Preparation Course pilot begins in mid-October. A small group of faculty and staff are participating in the pilot. The group will meet on five Fridays in October and November. The course is a hybrid course with on-grounds meetings scheduled in October and November. The group will use ANGEL for the online component of the course.

The development of the FSSE 1000 course is well underway as we prepare to pilot the course Spring Semester 2014.

The SACSCOC On-Site Committee will visit Athens Technical College October 22-24, 2013.

QEP News for August and September 2013

During August and the beginning of September, the final edits were made to the QEP document. The document entitled "Athens Technical College First-Year Experience Initiative, Success: Dream It. Be It." was sent to the SACSCOC On-Site Committee in early September and published to the QEP website.

The development of the FSSE 1000 course will continue through fall semester with a target of spring semester to pilot the course. The development of the FSSE 1000 Instructor Preparation course is in its final stages and will be piloted by a small group of faculty and staff beginning mid-October through the end of November. Feedback from this pilot group will be used to make changes and finalize the course.

QEP News for July 2013

At the beginning of July, Alysen Heil and Mary Clare DiGiacomo sent out an initial draft of the QEP document to the Development team for feedback. On July 18th, we held our final Development team meeting to elicit feedback on the QEP document. Dr. Crystal Baird, SACSCOC vice president, visited our campus on July 25th. During Dr. Baird's visit we gave our presentation of the QEP as well as spent two hours reviewing the QEP document with her. This meeting was in preparation for our SACSCOC On-Site Committee visit the week of October 21-24. After both meetings, the editing process of the QEP document started. The final draft of the QEP document will be completed by the end of August.

QEP News for June 2013

Mary Clare DiGiacomo and Alysen Heil continue to coordinate the drafting of the QEP document.

QEP News for May 2013

Margaret Morgan and Mary Clare DiGiacomo attended the SCALE Institute facilitated by Patrick Henry Community College staff. The institute's focus is on cooperative learning strategies. Cooperative learning will be an integral part of the FSSE 1000 course. In addition, cooperative learning strategies will be integrated into the professional development plan.
Mary Clare DiGiacomo and Alysen Heil continue to coordinate the drafting of the QEP document.

QEP News for April 2013

On April 4, Mary Clare DiGiacomo and Alysen Heil presented a QEP update to the Program Advisory Committees. The program advisory committees are comprised of ATC program chairs and community members with expertise in the respective ATC programs.

Alysen Heil and Mary Clare DiGiacomo met with each academic division, which included program chairs and deans to discuss the FSSE 1000 course content and program placement. The program chairs and deans provided valuable input that will be incorporated into the planning process.

The QEP Development Team met on April 17. The first semester seminar subcommittee presented the course description, learning outcomes, and an update regarding meeting with divisional program chairs. The professional development subcommittee presented the FSSE 1000 Instructor Preparation course and reviewed the Student Success Certificate outline. The team also viewed the new Success: Dream It, Be It logo.

Mary Clare DiGiacomo and Alysen Heil are coordinating the drafting of the QEP document. They reported out that the writing of the QEP document is underway. The committee will reconvene in July to review the final draft of the QEP. The final draft will be sent to the SACSCOC On-site Committee in August.

QEP News for March 2013

The first semester seminar and professional development subcommittees continued their work during the month of March. Both subcommittees are finalizing their respective plans to present at the April full development team meeting.

QEP News for February 2013

The QEP Development Team met on February 13th. The team reviewed a presentation summarizing the QEP progress to date, which will be presented to the ATC Board of Directors on February 26th. The team reviewed and discussed the proposed success logo which will be used for the QEP and Achieving the Dream initiatives.

The subcommittees reported out. The First Semester Seminar Subcommittee is nearing completion of its work. The Professional Development Subcommittee continues to work on developing the FSSE 1000 Instructor Preparation Course that will be required of all instructors who will teach FSSE 1000. In addition, the Professional Development Subcommittee is aligning its efforts with the ATD's implementation plan for the creation of the Student Success Certificate.

On February 15th, Mary Clare DiGiacomo and Alysen Heil provided an update on the QEP to the faculty council. The program chairs and coordinators provided input on the placement of the first-semester course in programs.

Mary Clare DiGiacomo and Alysen Heil presented an update of the QEP to the ATC Board of Directors on February 26, 2013. They provided an overview of the process, description of the First-Semester Seminar, entitled FSSE 1000 which is designed to introduce and familiarize students with the college's campus and services, help them build relationships with their instructors and advisors, and identify career goals. The three credit hour course targets first time students, transfer students, and students who are back from academic dismissal.