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August 24, 2013

1 Events Found.
Parent/Family Orientation Session (Athens Campus)
Event Date(s): 08/24/2013
Time: 10:00 AM
Location: Auditorium of the Kenneth C Easom Building
Contact: Yancey Gulley (706-355-5175)
Parents and/or family members of college students are often a crucial part of students' success. Athens Technical College recognizes the important role that such individuals play in the lives of our students. While our primary inteaction is with our students, we want to be sure and provide their families with information that can help them support their loved ones in achieving their educational goals. In order to share this information, we are offering a parent/family orientation session. During this session we will orient parent/families to the college, highlight policies and procedures that are pertinent to families, and share helpful hints for supporting college students. Topics will include: academic programs, cost/financial aid, student privacy rights, campus resoures and much more. Parents and/or family members are encouraged to attend this session in order to gain valuable insight into assisting your student in being successful while attending Athens Technical College.