High School Articulation

High school students enrolled in secondary institutions with which Athens Technical College has articulation agreements are eligible for credit by examination resulting from joint review and course articulation. Procedures are available from the college's High School Coordinator on the Athens Campus and from the Director's of Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education at the area high schools.

High school students may seek credit for both statewide and locally articulated courses. Students who achieve minimum grades of 70 in the related courses at the high school level are eligible to attempt to earn credit by examinations. Those who make the required cut scores on the exemption examinations receive college credit (grades of AC on their college transcripts) for the courses.

There is no requirement for students to take additional coursework to replace courses for which credit was earned through examination. There is a charge to high school students for testing. Students must pay $10 to take the articulation examination. The Director of Registration and Records will continue to process documentation for credit by examination up to 24 months after students graduate from high school.

For information about how to apply for articulation credit, please contact the High School Coordinator and/or go to Articulation link on our website: