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WIA / Workforce Investment Act Program

The WIA (Workforce Investment Act) Program provides assistance to qualified individuals who meet eligibility standards and/or are unemployed. Eligibility standards may vary based on funding source and economic conditions. Applicants are typically required to meet the following qualifications to be considered for WIA assistance:

  • Must be unemployed or a dislocated worker (due to downsizing or plant closure)
  • Must be a student in good standing
  • Must be regularly accepted into an approved program of study
  • Must apply for financial aid, including HOPE and Pell Grant
  • Must live or have worked in the WIA service delivery area

For those who do qualify for WIA, the following assistance may be available for participants:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Required books, testing fees, and tools
  • Uniforms and physical exams for medical programs
  • Transportation assistance and childcare assistance, if eligible by income

For more information, please contact the WIA Office at 706-355-5015.