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Disability Services

The Disability Services Office for Athens Technical College provides assistance to students with disabilities at any of our locations and always in accordance with all relevant federal laws. Prospective students must provide documentation from a professional qualified to diagnose their particular disability prior to receiving any academic adjustments or auxiliary aids. This documentation must meet the requirements set by the Technical College System of Georgia for students with disabilities.

Reasonable accommodations are afforded eligible students based upon individual need. Once a student is deemed eligible for assistance, the Disability Services Coordinator provides the student with Accommodation Requests which are given to the student to present to instructors. These requests outline appropriate accommodations the student is entitled to receive in testing and in the class room. An Disability Services Application packet (PDF) is available with detailed information about how students can apply for assistance.

Accommodations for students with disabilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • extended time on testing
  • testing room with minimal distractions
  • use of electronic spell checker and/or non-programmable calculator
  • large print test materials
  • sign language interpreter
  • reserved seating
  • permission to tape lectures
  • note-takers
  • textbooks in alternative media format

The provision of an accommodation is always disability-related and specifically addresses the unique needs of the student in question.

For more information about services to students with disabilities, please contact the Disability and Career Services Coordinator on the Athens Campus at 706-355-5006.