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Student Support Services and Career Development

The mission of the office of Student Support Services and Career Development is:

  • to offer assistance to any Athens Technical College students who might be at risk of not reaching their educational goals because of factors beyond the classroom which may negatively impact their academic progress, and
  • to conduct a broad range of testing for the College which includes general testing for admission to the College, pre-admission testing for students seeking entry into competitive allied health programs, and external testing for those outside the College who require specialized assessments.

Through our various support services we are available to work with students who are uncertain about their career choices, are seeking job search assistance, have documented disabilities, are single parents or displaced homemakers, have limited English proficiency, are enrolled in programs where they are in the under-represented gender, are economically disadvantaged, are dislocated workers, are experiencing emotional difficulties, and/or are facing major stressors with family, work, and/or school.

If you are not sure whether you qualify for our services, please ask. In addition to testing, we offer career and disability assistance, counseling on a limited basis, referral to counseling services in the community, help for special groups such as those listed above, support for participants in our WIA program, and transition assistance for GED graduates who wish to continue their education. You can click on each link above for more information.