Testing Services

Exam Score Grids

Upon completion of the ACCUPLACER exam, our ATC Testing Specialist will discuss your results with you, including admission to the college and placement into program level courses.

Score Grid
ExamAssociate DegreeDiploma
ACCUPLACER English 70 60
ACCUPLACER Reading 64 55
ACCUPLACER Arithmetic 34 34
ACCUPLACER Algebra 57 (57)*
ACCUPLACER College Level Math Math 1113|Math 1131
COMPASS Writing 64 32
COMPASS Reading 80 72
COMPASS Pre Algebra 35 35
COMPASS Algebra 38 (28)*
COMPASS Trigonometry
Math 1113|Math 1131
ASSET Writing 41 37
ASSET Reading 42 39
ASSET Numerical Skills 35 35
ASSET Elementary Algebra 42 (36)*
ACT English 16 16
ACT Math 19 19
ACT Reading 18 18
SAT Verbal/Critical Reading 450 450
SAT Math 450 450

Students who do not meet the minimum requirements on the ACT or SAT exam will be required to complete the placement exam.

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