Test Score Grid

After taking the placement test, applicants will receive their COMPASS or ASSET results, along with a Test Score Grid to evaluate their standing with regard to admission. The test grid lists minimum scores which are required in writing, reading, pre-algebra, and algebra for an applicant to be regularly admitted to an associate degree, diploma, or certificate program of study.

If an applicant's scores equal or exceed the required scores for regular admission, they are admitted to ATC and eligible to enter program level courses. However, if an applicant's scores fall below the regular admission range in any area, they may have to complete related learning support classes, prior to registering for college level courses in the identified area(s).

All applicants are eligible to retest once in writing, in reading, and/or in math after a 30-day waiting period. If an applicant's scores remain below the regular admission level after retest, they will be required to enroll in related learning support courses before proceeding to credit level classes in that area.

NOTICE: A different set of placement scores applies to any student who registered for and attended classes at Athens Technical College either Spring Quarter 2011 and/or Summer Quarter 2011, as long as the student has maintained that enrollment on a continuous basis without missing more than one semester in attendance or submitting a request to change programs. The placement scores that were in effect at the time the student was admitted will apply. Those scores can be found in the Placement Test Grid - Spring-Summer 2011. If such a student does not attend school for two or more semesters, or formally requests a change in his or her program from the Admissions Office, then the placement scores for the current school term will immediately take effect and those Spring-Summer 2011 scores will become null and void in that instance.