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Student Activities

"Hi, I am Yancey Gulley, Director of Student Activities. I hope that you will become involved in the various student organizations that are active through the college and that you will engage with the Athens Tech Student Advisory Council and this office in order to be in dialogue with the administration about your experiences here. Stop by the office in the student center of the Athens Campus or contact me by phone or email to learn more about these experiences."




The purpose of the Office of Student Activities at Athens Technical College is to support the educational and workforce development mission of the institution by creating opportunities for students to develop skills and personal insights beyond their classroom learning. The Office provides activities, programs, and services designed to both challenge and support students' individual growth through enhanced learning opportunities aimed at engaging students with their peers as well as a variety of faculty, staff, and community partners.

The Office of Student Activities is responsible for the oversight of all student organizations and student activities, advising of the Athens Tech Student Advisory Council (ATSAC), management of student ID services, coordination of the Student Center on the Athens and Elbert County Campuses, and for developing special initiatives that enhance student learning.

To find out more, visit the Office of Student Activities webpage, which is linked under the Current Students tab on the Athens Technical College website.

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