Financial Aid

Out of Program

The HOPE Grant* and Pell Grant** will pay toward tuition and most fees (Pell only) for the coursework required by student's currently accepted program of study for the current term. However, students who register for courses not required in their program of study will be responsible for paying with personal funds the tuition and fees charged for the non-required courses. Furthermore, students repeating coursework that's already satisfied or registered for possible electives that are not required for their current program of study may be responsible for paying with personal funds. Courses mentioned above, that are not required, are known as "Out of Program". The Financial Aid Office has to wait until all registration for the term is over (i.e. Drop/Add). Therefore, the 2nd week in the term we will search all student schedules for Out of Program courses and will remove the appropriate financial aid and will follow-up with an email to the student's college email account.

*GSFC Regulations, **US DOE Regulations