Strategic Planning Goals and Objectives

The institutional goals and objectives that follow are framed for use by all facets of the college. They are designed to provide direction and focus to annual planning.

Goal 1 - Student Success

Objective 1 - Expand and enhance optimal learning opportunities for students

Objective 2 - Advance student success through a focus on the achievement of learning outcomes for all students with the active involvement of all employees

Objective 3 - Advance student success through a focus on improving persistence and graduation rates

Objective 4 - Enhance pathways for students to transition from high school, home school, or adult education to Athens Technical College and from Athens Technical College to four-year institutions or to the workplace

Goal 2 - Faculty/Staff Investment

Objective 1 - Develop college faculty and staff

Objective 2 - Expand the number of full-time faculty and staff to better address the full complement of student needs

Goal 3 - Workforce and Community Development

Objective 1 - Identify and close workforce gaps

Objective 2 - Enhance continuing and community education opportunities at all campus locations

Objective 3 - Emphasize lifelong learning opportunities

Objective 4 - Redesign and implement the college Work Ethics program

Goal 4 - Technology Integration

Objective 1 - Expand the use of technology throughout the college

Goal 5 - Sustainability

Objective 1 - Ensure the long-term sustainability of the college