Student IT support

Microsoft recently migrated their student email systems from Live@Edu to 365.
Unfortunately, as part of this migration, SkyDrive is no longer part of the
offering. Students are encouraged to sign up, on their own, for other free
file services such as DropBox (select the free option).

First-Time Users:

Please note: Please wait until you have received your official acceptance letter before attempting to sign in.

Athens Tech uses "Microsoft's Office 365" for your email account. Your User ID (called "Microsoft Account") is:

FIRST = Your first name
LAST = Your last name
xxx = Last three digits of your student ID number
Please note:Your Student ID number is located on your acceptance letter and typically begins with 910. This should not be confused with your social security number.

Example: Jane Smith (student ID#9101234567).
User Id:

Your Password:

Your password will be randomly generated and included in your college acceptance letter.

Your Student Email Address is:

where FIRSTLASTxxx follows the same format as your User ID (see above)