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Three Steps For Preventing Theft

*Most incidents reported on our campus involved damages to property rather than personal damages. You can minimize your chances of becoming a statistic by following the common sense rules listed below.

  1. Don't Leave Your Property Unattended! The theft of books, purses and backpacks is common. Make certain your property is secure and not left unattended for any reason. Petty thieves are drawn to book thefts because of their resale value. For your protection, the bookstore requires a picture ID before buying any book from a student.
  2. Lock Up. Lock your vehicle. A security officer patrols the campus in an attempt to protect your vehicle from vandalism and theft. Locking your vehicle will discourage the amateur thief and make it more complicated for the professional. By locking your vehicle, you increase the likelihood that someone will notice what is happening.
  3. Identify Your Property Put your name and address on textbooks inside the cover and on a page inside the book. Engrave some identifying mark on items whenever appropriate.