Campus Safety

Campus Safety

Security Service

Athens Technical College has contracted with a private security agency (Confidential Security Agency) to furnish a uniformed security service for the school. As part of the contract, the agency agrees to comply fully with all administrative requirements and other requirements established by federal and state laws, regulations and standards, and the agency assumes the responsibility for full compliance.

The security agency and its employees are licensed in the State of Georgia and in Athens-Clarke County. An employment history, background and criminal records check is conducted on all employees of the security agency.

The institution and the security agency work closely with local and state police agencies as needed. As part of the contract with the agency, police reports applicable to incidents on campus are obtained and submitted to the institution.

A uniformed security officer is on duty during times when the institution is in session and during registration. The officer on duty reports any unusual incidents or hazardous conditions by telephone or radio to the Office of Computer Technology Training and Security. It should be noted that security officers carry radios which facilitate communications with the Office of Computer Technology Training and Security. Security considerations are emphasized during the general maintenance of campus facilities. Hedges are cut back, and areas are lighted and maintained as needed. In general the physical plant is regularly checked and maintained to provide a safe environment. As with any security program, the primary mission is to protect life and property. In addition, our program serves to enhance and assist the educational process by providing a safe environment in which to learn and to work. Obeying laws and regulations is part of being an educated, contributing member of society.


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